The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) was formed on August 02, 1950 in Karachi to protect the rights of journalists and Press freedom in Pakistan.

It is the mother organization of all the journalists unions across the country. The elections of PFUJ, which is the sole representative of journalists from all over Pakistan, are held after every two years.

The PFUJ had always been in the forefront in the struggle for the freedom of Press and in protecting the economic rights of the journalists.

Whether it was martial law or a democratic set up, it was PFUJ which stood fast to its principles and challenged the rulers whenever an attempt was made by them to muzzle the voice of the Free Press in Pakistan.

From Ayub Khan to General Musharraf PFUJ had never backed out from its commitment and resolve.

In this long journey, PFUJ has carried out historic struggles for Press freedom and protecting the rights of the journalist community, particularly during the martial law of military dictator General Ziaul Haq. That struggle for the freedom of expression was launched by PFUJ at a time when the entire political leadership was either behind bars or underground.

Thousands of journalists and media workers were arrested and even flogged but they did not bow before the military dictator and continued their fight.

The PFUJ is even struggling today against the restrictions imposed on Press freedom, unannounced censorship and oppressive laws like PECA and recent amendments made in the social media rules that are solely aimed at taming the media.

On the other front, PFUJ is at war with the media Mughals who are retrenching thousands of their employees and trying to financially strangulate the media workers by refusing to give them decent wages and privileges provided under the law.

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